Pre-Seasoned Silver Iron Kadai For Cooking – Strong Handle | Long Lasting Iron Kadai For Deep Frying Kadhai

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  • ➝ TASTIER FOOD: Makes your dishes more delicious with a distinct flavor. MONEY SAVING
  • ➝ MULTI-PURPOSE: Effortlessly cook your favorite dishes. Suitable for gas stoves, OTGs & campfires.
  • ➝ Enriches Food With Iron:  CulteShop Iron Kadhai Adds Iron Content To Your Meals, Helping Fight Iron Deficiency. Gas & Induction Friendly. Pre-seasoned For the Highest Quality And Durability. Available In Multiple Size Variations.
  • ➝ Naturally Non-stick: No Food Sticking. Iron Pan For Cooking Is Pre-seasoned With 100% Vegetable Oil, Ensuring A Naturally Non-stick Surface. Perfect For Cooking A Variety Of Dishes And Encourages Healthy Cooking Practices.
  • ➝ Superior Performance: kadhai iron Cooks Faster, Saves Gas, And Provides Even Heating And Heat Retention For Excellent Cooking Results Consistently. Its Technology/design Enhances Cooking Efficiency And Promotes Energy-saving. Ideal For Professional Chefs And Home Cooks Alike, Offering A Distinct Flavor To Dishes.
  • ➝ 100% Natural Cookware: This Iron Wok Pan Is Made With 100% Natural Iron, Without Any Harmful Chemical Coatings. It Is 100% Toxin-free And Food-safe, Ensuring Healthy And Safe Cooking Experiences. Suitable For Ideal Conditions Such As Home Kitchens, Restaurants, And Outdoor Campfires.
  • 10Inch-26Cm-2000ML
  • 11inch-28Cm-2500ML
  • 8Inch-22Cm-1000ML
  • 9Inch-24Cm-1500ML
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When It comes to Quality CluteShop Is A Must In  Kitchenware utensils

CluteShop Silver Iron Traditional Iron Kadai for Cooking, Deep Frying Kadai, Loha Kadhai, Lokhand With Golden Handle For Cooking:- Original Product from CluteShop crafted by good craftsmen. You can use your Iron kadhai for cooking veg-nonveg, deep frying, roasting, sauteing, grilling, boiling, curry bhaji, and shallow frying in less oil. They are good for water-based cooking like poaching and boiling. It is believed that cooking in iron karahi provides health benefits. It is said that when you cook food in iron vessels, it reacts with the metal surface. As a result, iron gets released into the food There is some evidence to back this up.

IRON: 100% Food Garde Iron Kadhai With Riveted Handles, Premium Quality Iron


  • Traditional Silver Iron Kadai for Cooking
  • Made from pure iron sheet
  • Round bottom & sturdy
  • Healthy option for cooking
  • Multipurpose use Kadhai
  • Suitable for all types of gravies, fried foods & deep frying
  • Perfect choice

How To Use:

Before Use: Use Lemon & Baking Soda to wash the first time then start using. Works well with gas stoves only, Fry an onion before first use to remove any surface carbon deposits, Wash well before use. Keep it dry after usage. After use, wash it well with warm soap, lemon, water, or dishwashing powder (Use LEMON and SODA always for washing)

Regular daily use: Preheat and apply oil before use as it observes oil and after using a gentle wash. By using it regularly it will get seasoned over time and a layer similar to non-stick forms over Kadhai makes it a more usable item in your kitchen.

Occasional/weekly use: After each use and wash apply a little amount of oil over the Kadhai surface and keep it in a dry place. Before using a gentle wash make it ready again.


  • 8Inch-22Cm-1000ML
  • 9Inch-24Cm-1500ML
  • 10Inch-26Cm-2000ML
  • 11inch-28Cm-2500ML


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10Inch-26Cm-2000ML, 11inch-28Cm-2500ML, 8Inch-22Cm-1000ML, 9Inch-24Cm-1500ML

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iron kadai for cooking

Pre-Seasoned Silver Iron Kadai For Cooking - Strong Handle | Long Lasting Iron Kadai For Deep Frying Kadhai

805.00980.00 (-51%)

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