Stainless Steel Induction Base Tea Pan | Sauce Pan | Milk Pan | Sauce Pot Cookware with Handle | Chai Pan Deep Cooking Pot Combo Set Of 1

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  • Strong, Sturdy, Durable, and Rust Free.
  • Made from 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel with Mirror Finish
  • Induction Friendly Cookware. Useful for cooking food on Gas stove as well.
  • Stainless steel Tpan transfers heat quickly and evenly, Solid and thick bottom makes the tea pan compatible with Induction & gas stove
  • MATERIAL: Premium quality mirror finish stainless steel deep vessel pan /milk pan / sauce pan / cooking pot for kitchen. Export Quality Stainless Steel making the utensil highly durable, long lasting & rust free. Giving it a long live, keeping it Beautiful for years /Generations. Less stain steel cookware.
  • Bakelite handles that makes your work easy and fast. Energy Efficient, heats evenly and cooks faster and a big hole at handle end.
  • NOTE - The Handle design can be vary.
  • USE: Ideal for daily use. Energy Efficient. Heats evenly and cooks faster.
  • EASY TO HANDLE: Compact size makes it easy to store in kitchen cupboards. Easy to clean & maintain. The easy grip handle makes working faster and easier.
  • Deep vessel pan useful for making any kind of food
  • 1000Ml / 1 Ltr / 17Cm
  • 1500Ml / 1.5 Ltr / 18Cm
  • 2000Ml / 2 Ltr / 20Cm
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Stainless Steel Induction Base Sauce Pan for Water, Milk, and Boiler – Cookware Set of 1

Stainless Steel Induction Base Tea Pan milk vessels, also known as saucepans, are a must-have in any Coffee lover’s kitchen. These versatile pans are engineered to rapidly and efficiently heat water, simplifying the process of crafting the perfect cup of tea. The induction base ensures uniform heat distribution, significantly reducing the risk of scorching or burning your precious tea leaves.

When selecting a stainless steel induction base sauce pan for your tea, there are several critical factors to consider. Firstly, the size of the pan is crucial. You should opt for a size that suits your specific needs, whether you prefer brewing a single cup or a larger pot. Secondly, prioritize the quality of the stainless steel itself. Seek out pans constructed from top-tier stainless steel to ensure they remain resistant to rust and corrosion over time.

These saucepans are available in three convenient sizes:

  • Small Size:- 1000Ml / 1 Ltr / 17Cm
  • Medium Size:- 1500Ml / 1.5 Ltr / 18Cm
  • Large Size:-  2000Ml / 2 Ltr / 20Cm

Another essential feature to consider is the handle of the chai pan. Look for a handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort and remains cool to the touch even when the pan is piping hot. This ensures you can pour the scalding water without the risk of burns or spills, enhancing both safety and convenience.

Premium Export Quality Stainless Steel Induction Base Coffee Pan: Our quest led us to discover the best stainless steel induction base milk pans on the market. These multipurpose pans are perfect not only for brewing your favorite tea blends but also for keeping them warm for extended periods. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and equipped with induction bases, these milk pot pans boast outstanding heat distribution and retention. Whether you’re passionate about tea or simply on the lookout for a reliable and long-lasting teapot pan, we’ve got your needs met.

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1000Ml / 1 Ltr / 17Cm, 1500Ml / 1.5 Ltr / 18Cm, 2000Ml / 2 Ltr / 20Cm

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Stainless Steel Induction Base Tea Pan

Stainless Steel Induction Base Tea Pan | Sauce Pan | Milk Pan | Sauce Pot Cookware with Handle | Chai Pan Deep Cooking Pot Combo Set Of 1

1,500.002,100.00 (-29%)

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